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on site machining

On site machining

At Price Brothers Auto Engineering we can offer select services at your premises. These services include on-site boring and liner fitting for commercial vehicles, broken/seized glow plug removal, broken/seized injector removed, broken/seized bolt removed, broken/seized spark plug removed and thread repairs and helicoids fitted.

For us to carry out these repairs on-site we will require you to have access to garage facilities.

For certain jobs i.e injector/glow plug removal, you may be asked to strip components from the engine for us to gain access to the offending items.

We have been offering this service for over 30 years, we even get called out to main agents for repairs. Our on-site work is charged at a hourly rate from when we leave our premises to when we return. We are willing to travel anywhere in the country. We have several vans out on the road, so we can usually offer a quick turnaround if required urgently.

If you think we can help you or have any questions then please give us a call on 0800 072 1110 and we will be happy to help.

On-site services

  • Rebore & Liner fitting
  • Broken glow plug removal
  • Broken/seized injectors removed
  • Broken bolt removal

Machining services

  • Rebore & liner fitting / honing
  • Crank grinding / polishing / crack-testing
  • P-test cylinder heads
  • Resurface cylinder heads / blocks / manifolds
  • Cut valves & seats
  • Re-sleeve / replace valve guides
  • Fit valve seats
  • Line boring
  • Conrod re-sizing / check alignment
  • Small end bush replacement
  • Alloy welding
  • King pin kit replacement
  • Flywheel skin
  • Injector sleeve replacement
  • Core plug replacement
  • Brake disk resurfacing
  • Milling / turning
  • Unleaded conversion
  • Metal stitching
  • Bolt / injector / glow plug removal
  • Rescribe commercial heads
  • Remanufactured units

General repairs

  • Head gasket failures
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Timing belt failures
  • Servicing
  • Air-con fault diagnosis / repair & recharge
  • Engine replacement
  • Engine repairs
  • Engine management diagnosis
  • MOT prep
  • Brakes & exhaust
  • Radiator & cooling repairs
  • Turbo replacement
  • Locking wheel nut removal
  • Glow plug / injector removal
  • Clutch replacement
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