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Broken bolt, glow plug & injector removal

Broken bolt/stud removal

A common problem that can occur when replacing parts on a vehicle is broken bolts and studs.  However if you have a broken bolt/stud we are able to remove them using multiple methods.  These methods vary greatly and it depends on how and where a bolt is broken as to how we will attempt to remove it.  We may be able to remove it using an extractor however if we are unable to remove it that way we may be able to drill the bolt/stud.

If you have broken a bolt/stud and attempt to remove it yourself you can in fact make the job a lot harder for us, i.e. breaking off an extractor or drill in the bolt/stud will increase the difficulty of the job immensely.  Also if you attempt to drill a broken stud/bolt and drill it off line you can drill through the wall of the bolt/stud hole and depending on where the bolt/stud is situated this could cause a major problem.  However even if you have done any of the things mentioned above we may still be able to rectify the situation using the tools and experience we have built up over 30 years of offering this type of repair.

Depending on what bolt/stud is broken we may be able to offer an in-situ repair.  This depends on how much access we have to the offending item.  We need to be able to get to the broken item with a drill and then be able to see to make sure everything stays in line.  We can usually advise you if we think we can offer you an in-situ repair when you ring and tell us what item is broken.

Once a broken bolt/stud is removed the bolt/stud hole thread may be damaged, in which case we may be able to re-tap the thread.  However if the thread is damaged beyond being able to re-tap it we will need to fit a heli-coil.
If you have access to garage facilities we can offer this service at your premises.

Supply & fit Helicoil

A heli-coil is a threaded insert that is fitted into a bolt/stud hole with a damaged thread.  The bolt hole is drilled oversized and then a heli-coil is screwed into the hole to bring the thread back to its original size and condition.
These heli-coil inserts provide stronger and more reliable threads than an original tapped hole; they also eliminate the possibility of corrosion, thread wear and seizing.

We are able to fit these inserts in-situ; however as with broken bolts it all depends on what the access is like. 
We keep a wide range of heli-coil sizes in stock so we are able to offer this service for the majority of bolt holes you will find in modern and vintage vehicles.

If you have access to garage facilities we can offer this service at your premises.

Remove Broken Glow Plug

A glow plug is a heating device used to aid starting diesel engines. In cold weather, high speed diesel engines can be difficult to start because the cylinder block and cylinder head absorb the heat of compression, preventing ignition due to the higher surface-to-volume ratio. The glow plug is a pencil-shaped piece of metal with a heating element at the tip. This heating element, when electrified, heats due to its electrical resistance. Heat generated by the glow plugs is directed into the cylinders, and serves to warm the engine block immediately surrounding the cylinders. This aids in reducing the amount of thermal diffusion which will occur when the engine attempts to start. 

An increasingly common problem with glow plugs is for them to seize into the cylinder head, when this happens it can cause the glow plug to break when attempting to replace them.  Most garages will suggest that when this happens the cylinder head needs to be removed and sent to an engineering shop, which could result in a large bill. 

However here at Price brothers, using our innovative equipment and years of experience we are able to remove broken glow plugs without having to remove the cylinder head.
We use different methods to remove broken glow plug which depends on how and where a glow plug breaks.  The only difficulty we may have is when we encounter glow plugs which have broken off at the very tip.  Once we have removed a broken glow plug we may need to heli-coil the cylinder head to repair the damaged thread.

If you have access to garage facilities we can offer this service at your premises.

Remove seized & broken injectors

A common problem with modern diesel engines is for the diesel injectors to become seized into the cylinder head.  This can happen because of a number of reasons which include corrosion, rust, and reaction between metals, leaking injector seats and build up of carbon.

If you have a seized injector we are able to remove them using our cutting edge hydraulic injector pulling equipment.  Many injectors can be seized so solidly in the cylinder head that when you attempt to remove them using hydraulic equipment they can break.  However using our innovative tools and years of experience we are able to remove even broken injectors without having to remove the cylinder head.

Once a seized/broken injector has been removed we will then clean the injector bore and resurface the injector seat. 

If you have access to garage facilities we can offer this service at your premises.

Broken injector clamp bolts

Many modern diesel injectors are held in place by a clamp and a bolt (possibly two).  These bolts are usually a small metric fine thread, because of this they can break when you attempt to remove them.  We are able to remove these broken bolts in-situ without having to remove the cylinder head.
Another problem which can occur is when fitting bolts to the cylinder head the thread in the head can be pulled and become damaged.  If this happens we can re-tap the thread, however if the damage is too substantial to be re-tapped we may have to manufacture and fit an insert.  This is a common problem for the Mercedes Cdi engines, which we actually keep manufactured inserts in stock for.  This repair is Mercedes approved.
If you have access to garage facilities we can offer this service at your premises.

Locking wheel nut/ bolt removal

Locking wheel nuts/bolts are specifically designed to only be removed with the correct key.  This provides protection from anybody trying to remove the wheels without having the correct key.  However if your key is lost or has become damaged then they will also stop you from removing the wheels if for example you need to have a tyre changed.  If this is the case we are able to remove these locking wheel nuts/bolts in our workshop using our unique system which prevents any damage being done to the wheels.


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